Elliptical trainers are considered to be one of the most effective gym equipment. It is excellent for cardio workouts with low knee impact. One does not need to worry about stress on the knees. Elliptical trainers are also feasible and effective options for weight loss programs.

Elliptical trainers mimic the motion of running but without impacting the knees. They are beneficial for people suffering from bad knees or recovering from lower-body injury. The trainers have strong grips and an adjustable resistance which allow a person to turn a cardiovascular routine into a full-body workout.

There are many in Singapore who prefer elliptical trainers in their homes. There are several home elliptical trainers and equipment from various brands and manufacturers in Singapore. Options come in handy but may get a little confusing. One can purchase elliptical trainers online or directly from a fitness store. However, if possible, try out the machine in person before you buy it. The knees might bump against the framework or the machine may not move to your liking and comfort. Consider a few points while purchasing elliptical trainers in Singapore.

•          Size: Most of the elliptical trainers are big enough for most people. Smaller sizes are also available for certain needs. Elliptical trainers have a higher elevation compared to treadmills. Make sure that there is enough space with a sufficiently high ceiling in your home. Remember that you will need space to get on and off safely from the trainer as well.

•          Features: Every model and brand have varied and versatile features. Try to look for a unique feature or option that can make a difference to your needs. It is advisable to go through all the features and understand the details before making the purchase.

•          Check for Proper Functioning: The hand grips of the equipment must be comfortable and the foot pedals must not be placed too far apart. The stride length and elliptical path should also feel natural.

•          Adjustability: Some elliptical trainers are inclined. One must check and see if the incline angle is automated or adjusted manually. If it is the latter, then how it set may be an important consideration too.

•          Warranty: Look for a model or brand that comes with two to three years of warranty, at least for all major moving parts. There should also be at least a year’s warranty on other parts.