Buying Guide for Home Gym Equipment in Singapore


If you do not find time to hit the gym because of your daily schedule, then a good option would be to turn a space into your home into your personal workout zone. To make this happen, you would need to invest in the right kind of equipment. But before you go ahead and purchase any, you need to think about many factors and only then finalize your decisions.


Here is a set of buying guidelines which will help you to get the best possible equipment for your home gym:

  • Type of Workout Plans: If you are someone who is into weight training, you will need weights, dumbbells, and bars. Carbon fiber bars are much lighter than steel bars. They can also support more weight. In case you need cardio training gear, then consider getting one or more from equipment like a treadmill, exercise bike, stepper, rowing machine, etc. You could also get miscellaneous but useful equipment like push-up and pull-up bars, resistance bands, medicine balls, foam rolls, workout mats, benches, jump ropes, etc. Investing in good floor mats will help you avoid damaging your home.


  • Variety and Variations: Doing the same workouts daily will lead to stagnation and monotony. To tackle this, you need to keep introducing variation in your workouts. Your equipment should help you to achieve this. Variations can be for targeting different areas or the position, speed and resistance. For instance, you can set a treadmill for a regular jog one day and an uphill climb the next.


  • Space: Before purchasing the equipment, you need to see whether they will fit in you allotted space. It is easy to get carried away when buying gear. But if you are unable to use them all properly due to lack of space, it will be all for naught. Avoid purchasing unnecessary equipment.


  • Budget: Once you have decided the equipment, try to stick to your budget. You can either purchase the equipment from retail stores or get them online. Compare to see where you are getting the best deals. You may get better rates if you purchase them from different sources or get bulk order discounts. Almost always, you will get a better rate online.


The last thing you need while working out is good music. Get yourself some decent sound equipment or consider buying a set of headphones or earplugs that do not fall off. Once you have all your equipment installed you are all set to go.