Buying Guide for Resistance Bands in Singapore


If you are tired of the conventional workouts and wish to do something different, then you could opt for training with resistance bands. It is a functional way to hit your muscles hard and ensures that you build up your strength, endurance, and stamina. The only thing which you need for this is a resistance band which is a relatively inexpensive workout tool.


Resistance and weight

All the exercises which you can perform with a bar can also be performed using the resistance tubes and bands. It is important to remember that the resistance will act like weight, and you will have to use a significant amount of force to get the rep done. There are three types of bands which are commonly available. They vary from being light to medium to heavy. For those who wish to step further, there is an even heavier version of the band available.


Importance of technique

Care must be taken to avoid unnecessary injuries which can hamper your workout. It is very important to maintain a good form and posture when performing any exercises with the resistance bands. They should not be stretched beyond their limits. The effectiveness of training with these bands is amazing as it is a more ‘raw’ kind of workout regime.


Workout your entire body

The different muscle groups which you can target using resistance bands are biceps, triceps, back, legs, core, and back. They can be effective on your muscle groups provided the workouts are done properly. Once you get used to the resistance, you can find newer ways to incorporate them into your training. For cross fitters and functional trainers, resistance training is an old enemy which shreds their muscles to make them more ‘refined’. Single piece resistance bands which are broader in width are available along with resistance tubes which come with grips. Resistance training can also be done with the bar. There are smaller resistance bands available for use with bench presses, bicep curls and squats for added effectiveness.


Whenever you start training with resistance bands, you need to make sure that you do not start with the one which is heavy. Start with the light or the medium one and then progress your way to the toughest.