Uses and Advantages of Dumbbell Sets for Women


It is a myth that women’s bodies are not adapted to engage in weight training exercises. Some incorrectly believe that this has adverse effects on their body shape. Experts, on the other hand, say that a significant amount of weight exercises should be incorporated into daily workouts.


Exercising with weights is a great way to stay in shape and tone your muscles. Weights help to build your overall strength and are necessary for optimal muscle conditioning. It is advised that if you do not want to end up with a ripped look or a bulky physique, you can always opt for light-medium weight training which can help them to stay in great shape.


Dumbbells for weight training

One way to include weights in your workouts is by using dumbbells. Dumbbell bars are meant to stack more and heavier weights and are mostly preferred by men. Women usually opt for light to medium weight training using fixed weight dumbbells. Using dumbbells has proven to be great for the joints, especially in women who are approaching middle age. Dumbbells allow more free movement than bars. Therefore, women find dumbbells easier to handle and use.


Concentrate on the weak areas

Strength imbalance is another point which may or may or may not be noticed while working out with a bar but is noticeable when doing the same workout with dumbbells. This way, women can concentrate on the weaker arm or leg and uniformly build their strength accordingly.


Dumbbells at home

Working professionals do not find time to hit the gym regularly. But dumbbells can be used to workout at home. They require less space and can be bought at discounted prices. If someone has had an injury in the past but still wishes to continue to work out, dumbbells can be a better option than barbells as they are much safer for people who are recovering from physical injuries. Plus, they come in pink! Dumbbells for women are often more aesthetically designed that the blocks of metal you usually associate with gym weights. A wide variety of designs and colors are available for women.


For women who are just beginning with their weight training, dumbbells can be a great way to initialize the workout regime. They will help to establish correct form and posture, significantly improving the results from future, more intense workouts.