Uses of Steppers as Home Fitness Equipment


When it comes to working out at home, there are many exercises which one can perform using different types of equipment. One such machine that you can include in your workout regime at home is a stepper. This simple machine can be extremely effective for burning extra calories and working on your fitness. And it does not take much space as a treadmill or a cross trainer.


Advantages of steppers

There are different types of steppers available, and the workouts which you can perform using them are equally diverse. Steppers will greatly help you to:


  •         Burn calories and lose weight. Shedding all the extra weight is easier with this piece of equipment.
  •         Stability and balance of the overall body can be developed and maintained.
  •         Stepper workouts help the body to become more agile.
  •         Cardiovascular health can improve greatly if you workout with stepper for 15 minutes every day.


Tips for effective workouts with steppers at home

Here are a few standard operating procedures for using steppers effectively as home fitness equipment.

  • Technique: It is important to use the stepper correctly to gain maximum benefits. The handlebars are not for supporting your weight, they are meant to help you balance. Doing this will lower the effectiveness on your hamstrings and glutes, or even cause injury. Remember to keep your back straight as a board. Depending on your fitness level, you may do medium or deep steps, but remember to avoid pushing down on the pedals. Instead, develop a smooth rhythm and keep it going.
  • Resistance Level: Always set the right resistance level. This will need to be changed as you warm up and move ahead with your routine. Incorrect resistance can have negative effects including severe injury. The resistance determines the kind of workout and results you want. Low resistance builds endurance while higher settings build lower body strength. If your main purpose is a cardio workout, a medium resistance will best suit your needs.
  • Step Carefully: Always wear shoes that provide a good grip. Slipping while on a stepper can have catastrophic consequences. Keep a towel handy to wipe any sweat off your hands and legs. Also, remember to hydrate frequently. Always warm up before you start your stepper routine. Stretch and do a few lunges before you begin.


You can also use weights when working out using the stepper. It is only a matter of time before you start seeing results. A great advantage of a stepper at home is that it is cheaper than most treadmills. There are various stores which sell steppers online. You can search for one that suits your exercise requirements the best.