Punching bag routines are a great way to train your body for strength and endurance. It is also essential for training in combat sports like boxing and karate. Simply hitting a bag does not do much, but it can be used to learn good form. The routine also increases muscle memory. The body instinctively repeats the punching or kicking motions when facing an opponent.

Punching bags help achieve measurable results within a short period of time. Besides, they also aid in improving overall health and fitness. Punching bags are mostly used by athletes for building punching power and improving technique. Hitting the punching bag is physically demanding and tests an individual’s strength and stamina.

A punching bag is a simple piece of equipment. Yet, it leads to fantastic results. Some of the desirable benefits of using punching bag are a full-body workout, sharpened self-defence skills, and a defined, muscular body. These qualities are not limited to athletes. Here are some of the ways you can use a punching bag as part of daily exercise routine.

Jab punching bag routine: In this workout, move around in a circle around the punching bag while shooting out jabs as fast as possible. The amount of power you use has to be restricted. Focus must be on speed and movement, not power. Cycle your direction by alternating from clockwise and counter-clockwise circles around the bag.

Left-right punching bag routine: This routine is called right-lefts if one is left-handed. Start by throwing a fast jab at the punching bag then immediately follow with a hard straight punch with the other hand. The straight punch should be generated from the feet and hips for maximum power. Go for a few repetitions to get a better feel for the timing. The punches must be quick and agile. It is also important to keep working on your footwork.

Body shot punching bag routine: in this workout routine, the punches are aimed at a height that reflects an opponent's ribs. Bend the knees slightly to sneak under the guard and circle the punch from waist level. The knees are then to be straightened while you swing your hips as you strike the punching bag. The routine consists of a series of lefts and rights to the center of the punching bag. One needs to focus on bending the knees and raise up with every punch. This routine may prove difficult at first to get everything right, but with practice, it can yield incredible results.