The treadmill is one of the first exercise equipment people go to when they visit a gym. It is because the treadmill is considered to be the best way warm up and a cardio workout. You can start the most rigorous workouts by warming up on the treadmill with some slow walking followed by power walking and then jogging to build your heart rate. When you move on to your routine exercises on other exercise equipment, you will already have a great rhythm going. Walking or running on the treadmill at a medium pace is also a good way to cool the body down and finish off for the day.

These days, the treadmill serves many other functions besides just regular jogging, walking or running. So much so, that you can get more out of the equipment than just getting your heart rate up. It is not just a tool to simply get your morning or evening walk. If you want, you can use it wisely to reap plenty of benefits out of just this one exercise equipment.

The biggest advantage of using a treadmill as a part of your fitness regimen is that it can be used to warm up and get the cardio for High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts as well as cool down after a strenuous workout. Based on your abilities to use a treadmill, you can make use of the speed settings available on the equipment and gradually build up your stamina and push yourself to walk or run faster.

One can also challenge oneself by changing the treadmill setting to an inclined treadmill setting. This way you can increase the inclination level to have the treadmill mimic an uphill path that you can walk or run on. This will be challenging for your body and help you target a different set of muscles in your legs and feet. Many people carry dumbbells in their hands and exercise with them while walking on the treadmill. This gives added benefits of working out both the upper and the lower part of the body at the same time without any extra effort.

If you have never worked out before and want to improve your fitness levels along with, endurance, flexibility and stamina, you can get started with a treadmill. Since walking is one of the most basic forms of exercise, you will be able to use the equipment without any issues. You can slowly build up your stamina and start using the advanced features of the equipment to meet your personal requirements.

Many people purchase treadmills to keep them at home and do their workouts right from the comfort of their homes. You can also buy a treadmill and keep it as a part of your home gym to work out at your own convenience. It will ensure that you work out irrespective of the weather outdoors. Having a treadmill at home will also save you plenty of time since you will not have to get ready and commute to and from the gym every day.