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The Perfect Home Cardio Equipment and Treadmills for Busy Bees

As gym equipment suppliers we know how important it is for individuals to use products that give them all the benefits of resistance training. This is why we choose to stock our inventory with hardware that will provide you with wholesome workouts that will make you glad that you skipped on the gym.


And that’s not all! Gymsportz also offers a variety of other gym equipment for home such as –

  •   Weight benches
  •   Dumbbell and barbell
  •   Power Racks and Power Cages
  •   Chin Up Bars
  •   Back Hyper Extension
  •   And a whole lot more! 

Health enthusiasts rejoice!

Our cardio equipment isn’t only prized for its modern design. Gym equipment by Gymsportz is also valued for its health benefits. Our equipment is specifically designed to help you get the most of full body workouts such as Pilates and extreme cardio workouts to name a few.

Our treadmills come fully equipped. All you have to do is program your desired settings in the equipment and you are good to go. The best part? Each of our treadmills is foldable which makes it easier for you to store it where you please with ease.


Don’t Delay! Order Online Today!

Ordering your chosen treadmill or any other cardio equipment from Gymsportz is easy. It’s as easy as –

  •   Signing up for an account
  •   Selecting your chosen treadmill or cardio equipment from our inventory
  •   Waiting for your order to arrive right at your doorstep


Your health and body shouldn’t play second fiddle to your work. Let Gymsportz make the feat easier on you by delivering your cardio equipment to you. Get in shape in no time flat with the best home use cardio equipment and treadmill in Singapore today. We guarantee it!