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Not everyone visiting the gym have the aim of muscle building. On the other hand, some people exercise to improve their fitness level, burn fat, and maintain optimum weight. For all such fitness enthusiasts, HIIT workout, popularly known as high-intensity interval training, is apt! You must have seen the HIIT cardio machines like a climber, air bike, and more in your gym, which help perform full-body cardio.

Benefits of HIIT cardio

HIIT workout is all about being explosive between that 30 to 90-second break you take between the repetitions. Some of the benefits of HIIT are:

  • It is effective in fat loss, and if you perform the right kind of HIIT cardio exercises, it will decrease waist circumference and overall weight loss.
  • The increase in the metabolism rate after HIIT workout is way more than the increase people feel after weight training.
  • Studies show that HIIT help in controlling the blood sugar level and regulate blood pressure.

There are countless other benefits that one can get by performing HIIT cardio exercises. Gymsportz has a range of HIIT machines that fitness enthusiasts can use to keep their cardio game up!

HIIT equipment

Air Bike

Air bike is a piece of ideal equipment for high-intensity interval training as it helps in a full-body workout. Your legs get toned with all the pedalling, and it also puts your arms in action for better calorie burn without causing any impact on other joints.

Fitness Bike (Stationary)

Stationary bikes like the Schwinn Airdyne AD8 total fitness bike put less stress on the joints yet support an excellent cardio workout. You can get the equipment from the Gymsportz website and achieve your fitness or weight loss goals.


The climber is a HIIT equipment that helps produce the highest muscle activity, making it the most famous and trusted HIIT cardio machine. The XEBEX CBR-01 climber available on our website is amongst the best equipment that fitness enthusiasts opt for.

Check out the available options in HIIT cardio equipment and place your order now!