GS-245 Strongman Log

GS-245 Strongman Log



The Gym Sportz Crossfit GS245 Strongman Log offers great possibilities to make various muscle groups stronger. This includes the shoulders, chest muscles and arms.

Because of the neutral, solid handgrip you prevent negative load on the shoulders.

The Gym Sportz Crossfit GS245 Strongman Log is made of a massive, fully welded piece of steel and is finished with a matt black powder coating.


Possible exercises:
  • Bent over rows
  • Continetals
  • Cleans
  • Clean and press
  • Lockout
  • Military press
  • Pushpress/Jerk
  • Rack Bench Presses
  • Rack Incline Presses


Also applicable in a Personal Trainer, Crossfit or Bootcamp training scheme. The PowerMark PM245 Strongman Log can be used in combination with all 50mm weight discs and bumper plates.


The Gym Sportz Crossfit GS245 Strongman Log has a set of ring collars included.


  • Heavy steel tube with a diameter of 220 mm, fully welded from one piece
  • Suitable for olympic weights
  • Including 2 ring collars

Data sheet

Extra Features
2 collars included
Product Weight
Heavy duty steel tubing construction with high quality metallic powder coating.
Max Weight Load
600lbs (270kgs)
183cm (L) x 22cm (W) x 22cm (H)

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