Powertec Dip Machine Accessory

Powertec Dip Machine Accessory

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The Powertec Workbench Dip Machine Accessory (WB-DMA) will enable you to perform dips on your Powertec Workbench Gym Equipment.

Dips are one of the best upper body exercises around. But if you are starting weight training, or making a come back, you may struggle doing this exercise with your bodyweight. This great little attachment will let you get the benefits of dips as you build your strength and drop your bodyweight.






If you can already do dips, even with a weighted dip belt, the dip accessory can still be a useful tool. You can incorporate the exercise into a superset or circuit where the intensity or pace of the workout will mean bodyweight dips are out of the question.





Data sheet

Product Weight
Weight Stack
Uses 2inches olympic plates
Max Weight Load
200lbs (91kgs)
117cm (L) x 65cm (W) x 132cm (H)
Warranty for Home
Lifetime Warranty on structural frame (excludes paint); Five year warranty on moving frames ; Two year warranty on components (bearings, locking pins, pulleys, cables, slide rods etc); One year warranty on pads, grips and others.

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