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Workout Benches

Weight & Gym Benches in Singapore offers the widest range of home gym/commercial graded fitness benches in Singapore. Most workout benches can be altered to fit a desired position. You will need to decide if you if you’re looking for a simple adjustable fitness bench or a weight bench. Each bench is designed for a distinct purpose and make of top quality material that will never fail your workout needs and leaving you satisfied with the results. A weight bench is made durable and sturdy to withstand heavy loads, while a adjustable bench is made to be lightweight and user friendly with an adjustable back for effective sit-ups.


Shop from a wide range of workout and weight benches here at Gym Sportz. Our extensive selection of weight training benches include some of the most highly recommended and sought after brands and designs/models to help you maximize the benefits of your training. We offer adjustable fitness benches that can be altered support the body in your desired workout position as well as weight benches, designed to withstand heavy loads.


Workout benches are among the most important pieces of equipment in any gym. Find the right weightlifting bench and you can maximize your at-home training. When selecting a workout bench, always go for the type that has a sturdy, solid feel. Flat benches are ideal for free weight training while adjustable circuit training benches are built to help you train in various lifting positions.


Flat benches are also ideal for dumbbell training. Paired with the right bench press rack, you can create the perfect training set-up for weight lifting and muscle building. However, if you want additional workout options, choose one that adjusts and can be inclined to a desired position.


Weight benches are perfect for sculpting and toning the body. They can also be used for a variety of other purposes, especially when choosing circuit training benches that allow users to switch from unilateral to bilateral, and multi-directional resistance movements. Other features you might want to look for include a plush foam padding for comfort while lifting, a heavy-duty frame with a solid steel gauge for security, rubber base caps to protect your floors and increase stability, and pull-pins that allow you to customize your workout.


Chin Up Bars

Chin up Bars from Gymsportz


Chin-up or pull up bars are ubiquitous playground staples. They are also a common sight in gyms and workout places, ideal for building strength and adding definition and tone to your arms, shoulders, and back. There are many types of pull-up and chin-up bars that you can purchase for your home gym. Here at Gym Sportz, we carry removable doorway bars, wall mounted bars, telescopic bars, and power towers to give you plenty of choices of equipment that will best fit your workout needs and your home or commercial gym space.


Door frame pull up bars are leverage bars that go over the top portion of the door frame to support your weight. A horizontal bar with handles pushes against the wall to help the equipment stay in place. This assembly is simple and will take you less than 15 minutes to mount and dismount.


Telescopic door frame pull up bars are designed to twist to extent so they can be wedged between the uprights of the door frame. These chin-up bars stay in place with friction or using cups to support either end of the bar. No assembly is required with telescopic bars, as they come in a single piece, unless you decide to go for ones with mounting cups.


Alternately, you can go for wall-mounted pull-up bars, which can be mounted directly to a brick wall or a plaster board. There are also ceiling-mounted varieties as well as free-standing bars and towers, such as those that can also be used for other exercises like weight lifting, push-ups, dips, sit-ups, and more.

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Commercial gyms memberships have the benefit of providing a wide range of gym equipment. Many have personal trainers on hand, and you are able to socialize with other members. Unfortunately, commercial gyms present ѕоmе inconveniences, ѕuсh as having tо commute, or wait for уоur turn if the equipment уоu wаnt is in use.

Thе mаin rеаѕоn why mаnу...

Commercial gyms memberships have the benefit of providing a wide range of gym equipment. Many have personal trainers on hand, and you are able to socialize with other members. Unfortunately, commercial gyms present ѕоmе inconveniences, ѕuсh as having tо commute, or wait for уоur turn if the equipment уоu wаnt is in use.

Thе mаin rеаѕоn why mаnу реорlе prefer to train at home is bесаuѕе it's more convenient. With a hоmе gym, уоu саn workout at whatever time you want, in the соmfоrt оf your own hоmе. Yоu don't hаvе tо worry about trаffiс jаmѕ оr having tо wait fоr equipment. Your equipment is аlwауѕ thеrе waiting fоr you.


Types of fitness equipment

When you think different types of workout equipment, there are several elements to consider aside from weights. You will need to consider who will be using the equipment. The key question to ask yourself is: What are you training for? Different sports and lifestyles are best optimized through different exercises. Your goals will determine what gym equipment you need. After setting up your home gym it's important to stay disciplined and commit yourself to regular workouts. Create a schedule and do your best to stick to it. Get your home gym equipment today!


Workout Benches

Weightlifting benches are specially designed to maximize the benefits of weight training. There are several types of workout benches, including fixed horizontal and fixed inclined versions, while others have a fixed folded position. Some workout benches have one or two, or several more adjustable portions, while others include added features like racks for holding bars and weights. Here at Gym Sportz, we offer an entire array of workout benches from various equipment manufacturers.

Power Racks and Power Cages

If free-weight workout is more your style than a bench training, then a power squat cage or rack is the perfect equipment for you to invest in. Its design is better suited for free-weight training, eliminating restrictions and other machine obstructions. Power racks are typically just four vertical posts that are available with movable horizontal bar catchers. Other models feature built-in bars for pull ups and chin ups.

Chin Up Bars

A playground staple, chin-up bars is also excellent equipment for any home gym. They are excellent for building upper body strength and place emphasis on the biceps and the intercostals. Check out our range of chin up and pull up bars by clicking on the individual tabs.


Hyperextension exercises work the lower, mid, and upper back, particularly the erector spine. These kinds of exercises can be done without equipment, but is a lot more beneficial with a Roman chair that holds the feet down and keeps the hips up. This position enhances the benefits of workout even more.


All gym storage equipment we carry here at Gym Sportz is designed to maximize your home or commercial gym's space. Choose from our variety of weight plate racks and storage equipment.