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The Xebex Fitness Ski Trainer is one of the finest and most comprehensive ski simulators available. The Ski Trainer is designed to provide ski-related exercises and gives several options for cardio and strength training. The Ski Trainer is for both novice and experienced athletes who can all benefit from exercise variation, intensity, and training frequency.

The Console, ready to use! 
The Xebex Ski Trainer AKS-2 comes with an easy-to-use console that can be used immediately. By starting with the ski movement, the console activates, which keeps track of time, distance, calories and number of strokes during ski training. During the training there are 8 display options: average speed per 500 meters, average number of meters per stroke, maximum heart rate, calories per hour, power curve, maximum wattage, wattage diagram and average wattage. In addition, it is possible to follow predefined programs from the main menu: quick start, competitions, interval / tab data, target time, target distance, target calories, heart rate target frequency and target values. Select the correct program and parameters, press start and start skiing.

The Ski Trainer ASK-2-F comes with:
Grips and handle straps
Plug-in power adapter
Floor stand
Battery case
Pull bar attachment
Console with 16 resistance levels to determine the intensity of the workout

Data sheet

16 levels (console-controlled)
Quick start, pacer, race, intervals, heart rate control, watts, customer user programs
Backlit console with self-generating power
Extra Features
Battery case included (Runs on 4 x C Batteries for ~100 hours of continuous usage!)
Transport Wheel
Product Weight
126 (L) x 75 (W) x 208 (H) cm
Installation Included
Warranty for Home
Cardio Standard: 2 years on structural frame (excludes paint & rust), 1 year on motor (applies to motor driven equipment), 1 year on electronics, parts and labour. Wear & tear exclusion.
Warranty For Business
1 Year on structural frame (excludes paint and rust) and parts. 1 Year on Labour

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