How to Select Best Sports Equipment in Singapore for a Home Gym


You don’t need a gym membership to lose extra weight and keep it off. If you are busy and don’t have time to go to a gym, and then workout at home instead. Why don’t you use a spare room as a home gym?

Especially if you do not know which types of exercise equipment to buy, building a home gym can be challenging. The best way to start is to set a budget, determine your fitness goals, and explore the selection of exercise equipment online. Here are tips that can help you choose the best equipment for your home gym:


  • If you can splurge, invest in a multi-gym machine. This is a large piece of exercise machine that comes with various weight stacks, handles, seats, and cables to let you do different sets of exercises. Remember to measure your room before buying a multi-gym apparatus, so you can be sure that it will fit.


  • If multi-gym equipment is too expensive or bulky for your home gym, consider buying basics. Get a light barbell or a set of light dumbbells if you are a beginner. Invest in more advanced weights if you are a more advanced weightlifter. Go for adjustable dumbbells, so you can easily adjust one from at least five to more than 50 pounds.


  • The yoga mat is another home gym essential. A standard mat is good enough, but you can go for thicker options for padded comfort.


  • Get a stability ball. This is the big ball that you can be used for sit-ups, squats, crunches. It is quite affordable and very versatile.


  • Invest in high-quality cardio equipment. Besides the weighted jump rope, there are different types of advanced cardio equipment to consider, like treadmills, steppers, and rowers.
  • Try resistance bands. Resistance bands can be good alternatives to dumbbells and barbells when building muscle. The tension they provide is constant throughout the lifting action, so the exercise is more intense as it challenges the muscles. They may not be the best way to achieve a lot of muscle and bulk, but they can help you gain strength efficiently and fast.
  • Go for kettlebells. The kettlebell is another alternative to the traditional barbell and dumbbell. It originated from Russia, and it resembles a cannonball with a top handle. The design is effective as it lets the centre of gravity shift during exercise. As a result, kettlebells increase the challenge of the exercise and help build coordination. They are intended for total body movement, so they provide an element of cardio exercise to your intense strength workout.