Why Gymsportz?

At Gymsportz, we believe in quality. 

Product Range

We source our products globally to ensure optimal quality and pricing for you. From cardio equipment to strength equipment to workout accessories, you name it, we have it. With our comprehensive range of specially selected items, we aim to become a one-stop place for all your workout needs.


We have supplied to various government agencies, not limited to schools, sports associations and the Singapore Armed Forces. On top of that, we have earned sole distributorships to several global renowned brands such as Bowflex, Nautilus USA, Schwinn, Powertec, Bodyworx, JKexer and RDX. We deliver what we promise, and aim to be Singapore’s most trusted fitness equipment supplier.

House Brand

We build on our existing products. This means that the quality and functionality of our house brand products are constantly being improved in order to achieve long term usability and to withstand the test of time. We DO NOT follow trends blindly or bring in designs which only serve as gimmicks.

Service & Support

It is more than just the price. We are dedicated in what we do. From inquiry to delivery services to after sales support, we deliver promptly as promised. Our premises are also stocked and our products are constantly replenished. This means that we have the stocks and spare parts readily available to you.

Partnership & Collaboration

We have collaborated with several organizations such as NTU Sports Club, Nabba Singapore and ABvolution Wellness, in separate sporting events. These national events include the National Vertical Marathon, Mortal Battle and ABsolute Fitness Throwdown. We are more than just your regular fitness equipment supplier. We believe in bringing up the sporting scene together with our sporting partners, as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle in Singapore. We proudly stand by our organizers in raising the awareness to the importance of active living and to bring fun-filled or competitive sporting events to you.