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Powertec Hyperextension - Roman Chair

Powertec Hyperextension - Roman Chair

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Not all hyperextensions are the same. They are usually in the traditional 90 degree format or the new 45 degree design. The Powertec Hyperextension/Roman Chair has been designed so that you can perform both these exercises. There are 4 adjustment positions, so if you are a beginner you can start off in the easier 45 degree position. As you progress you can gradually work toward the 90 degree position.


The pads, foot rollers and foot plate can all be adjusted so you can get in the correct position for your body shape. You can also set up the Powertec Hyperextension/Roman Chair for roman chair sit ups – one of the toughest ab exercises around.


It is not until your back plays up do you realize how important a healthy back is for not just your weight training but most importantly day to day living. Hyperextensions are a great exercise for not only strengthening your back but also stretching it as well. If you are a serious weight trainer your back always cops a hammering. Hyperextensions are a great way to warm up and warm down your back.



Data sheet

Product Weight
Weight Stack
Uses 2 inches weight plates
Max Weight Load
400lb (180kg)
122 (L) x 81 (W) x 85 (H) cm
Warranty for Home
Strength Premium: Lifetime on structural frame (excludes paint & rust), 2 years on moving frames & components (bearings, lock pins, pulleys, cables, glide rods etc). Wear & tear exclusion.

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