GS160 Commercial Soft Medicine Ball

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A medicine ball can help you with your rehabilitation and strength training. A medicine ball can with the proper application improve strength, coordination and stability. Medicine balls are ideal for strengthening. Your "core" muscles. With '' core'' muscles we mean, the abdominal muscles, lower back muscles and obliques.

What make GS160 Commercial Soft Medicine Balls so special? The format and comfortable grip. These two features ensure that the medicine ball feels soft and have great grip. The GS160 Commercial Soft Medicine Balls  are easy to capture even with hard throws.


Below is some samples of common exercises that you can do:
  • Shoulders:
    • Two Arm Wall Pass
    • Medicine Ball Push-Up
    • Medicine Ball Push-Up
    • Puts
    • Russian Twist
    • Diagonal Chops
    • Figure 8's
    • Chops
    • Circles
    • Side Throws
    • Single Leg Chop
    • Frontal or Side Reach
    • Transverse or Rear Reach
    • Over the Back Toss
    • Medicine Ball Squat
    • Medicine Ball Lunge
    • Sagittal or Front Reach
    • One Leg Squat

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