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These are the pieces of equipment that was used by the Persian and Hindu warriors in order to train for wars. For centuries, wrestlers and martial art enthusiasts also used the clubbells and macbells during their training. With changing times and increasing popularity, these bells have nowadays become a part of the mainstream sports industry.

How do the clubbells and macbells help?

The Clubbells look somewhat like the bowling pins, while the macbells are long roads with heavyweight balls at their far end. They are beneficial in:

  • Improving the joint and muscle flexibility. Performing exercises with the clubbells and macbells improves the mobility of shoulders, back, and arm joints.
  • Enhancing grip strength. As the weight is at the far end, you will need all the strength of your hands, arms, shoulders, and fingers to perform the exercise. It will improve your grip endurance tenfold.
  • Improving the core stability. You can perform anti-rotational exercises and improve the balance, coordination, and core strength of your body.

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