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Rowing is a full-body workout technique that anyone can easily pick up. Initially, only the athletes or people into muscle building used to include rowers in their workout routine. With time, people learned more about its benefits, and now most people visiting a gym use the rowers. There are various magnetic rowers available in the market, each with advanced features. They make the workouts more effective and fun. But before you move ahead and explore the options, learn about the benefits of rowing:

Benefits of using rowers in your workout 

  • You do not need a certain fitness level or experience to start rowing. Just learn the apt posture from your trainer once, and you are all set to row.
  • If you buy an advanced magnetic rower, you get the option to adjust the size and fit your tall legs. Furthermore, you can also change the height of your seat for a comfortable rowing experience.
  • Rowing is an upper body exercise that targets the muscles of your shoulders, arms, and core to strengthen them.
  • Feature-rich rowing machines record the workout sessions and let you customise your future sessions according to the fitness goals.

There are plethoras of benefits of using rowers regularly as a part of your workout routine. Owing to all these benefits, it serves as a perfect fit in your home gym. All you need to do is explore the magnetic rower options on Gymsportz and place your order!

Buying the Rowers

Gymsportz boasts of having magnetic rowers from some of the best brands of the fitness equipment world. You can find Schwinn, Xebex, and Body Craft rowers with us, each having the best features. Moreover, we offer warranty coverage against each piece of equipment to ensure that you get covered for the regular wear and tear. So, wait no more and place your order! Still, got some queries? Talk to our customer support team, and they will be happy to guide you through.