We provide an extensive variety of home and commercial equipment to suit the needs of both individual and corporate use. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and services at the best price.

When you choose Gymsportz, you are choosing more than just a piece of exercise equipment. You are choosing to enhance your life, improve your performance and ensure the effectiveness of your workout through your everyday use of your gym equipment, and take comfort in the fact that we will be there for you every step of the way, to guide and help you achieve your fitness goals.

We exist for YOU – the fitness enthusiast, the bodybuilders, the spinners, the runners, those who’re looking for a healthier lifestyle or just looking to shed a few pounds, and those who are in recovery.

Here at Gymsportz, we provide you with quality equipment and accessories you need to pursue your fitness goals. We are on this fitness journey with you through:

- bringing in the most trusted global brands from around the world, right to your doorstep;
- providing you with the best after-sales support, and to help you develop your fullest potential.

The Team

Chen - Founder of Gymsportz


The most hardworking boss you will ever meet. He does what we do and MORE!!!

Chen - Founder of Gymsportz


You'll feel right at home with this guy! He's friendly and sincere - winning the hearts of our customers everywhere :D

Chen - Founder of Gymsportz

En Qi

Cheerful, helpful and a fitness enthusiast herself - she works out everyday! She not only takes good care of herself, she takes good care of us all!

Chen - Founder of Gymsportz

Logistic Officer

He can do it all - from fixing, to packing and cleaning! He feeds us with his yummy home-made desserts every week! We are so lucky ;D

Chen - Founder of Gymsportz

Senior Technician

He has a knack for repairing equipment and is incredibly quick at getting a job done! Which is why, he can so easily devour a mountain of rice during meal times, haha!

Chen - Founder of Gymsportz

Uncle Tay

He's one heck of a problem solver and his vast experience and knowledge has helped increased our productivity! He's also the life of the party!

Chen - Founder of Gymsportz


He is our Mr. Muscle, the strongest person on our team. Always carrying majority of the load, and making our jobs easier!