Resistance Strength
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Resistance Strength
Yellow 8mm
Red 15mm
Pink 22mm
Purple 30mm
Green 45mm
Blue 65mm
Orange 85mm
Black 100mm

Increase the weight you lift by adding Power Bands to your workout, these bands are extremely versatile. They can be looped around each end of your bar and under a bench to increase the intensity of a standard bench press or for example, you could hook two around a pair of kettlebells and attach to a barbell bar for a burn-inducing squat!



  • Mini-Light Yellow 8mm - Resistance range = 2kg - 12kg (4.4lb - 26.5lb)
  • XXX-Light Red 15mm - Resistance range = 2.26kg - 22.67kg (5.0lb - 50.0lb)
  • XX-Light Pink 22mm - Resistance range = 5.35kg - 28.55kg (11.8lb - 62.9lb)
  • X-Light Purple 30mm - Resistance range = 11.33kg - 36.28kg (25.0lb - 80.0lb)
  • Light Green 45mm - Resistance range = 22.67kg - 54.43kg (50.0lb - 120.0lb)
  • Medium Blue 65mm - Resistance range = 27.21kg - 68.03kg (60.0lb - 150.0lb)
  • Band Heavy Orange 85mm - Resistance range = 31.75kg -77.11kg (70.0lb - 170.0lb)
  • X-Heavy Black 100mm - Resistance range = 36.28kg - 90.71kg (80.0lb - 200.0lb)


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