Adidas Power Tube

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  • Resistance
    L1 (15kg) / L2 (20kg) / L3 (25kg)
  • Dimensions
    120cm (tube length)
  • Product Weight
    0.33kg / 0.35kg / 0.37kg
  • Warranty for Home

Designed to create full-body workouts with minimal equipment or space, adidas Power Tubes allow you to hit all key muscle groups regardless of where and when you get to train. With an enormous range of potential exercise options, you can create unique and interesting workouts that push both your strength and muscular endurance.

Made from strong and tear-resistant latex material, the Power Tube sits encased within a recycled PP sleeve, preventing excess wear on the tube itself whilst containing the latex tube in the event it snaps under extreme force.

Complete with foam-padded handles for stronger grip and greater comfort, the more tactile and forgiving grip combats the wear your hands experience from a harsher barbell or dumbbell knurling. Available in three weight levels (L1, L2 & L3), the Power Tube range allows you to choose from 15 - 25 kg of resistance weight; providing an effective weight load for any muscle group or individual exercise.

- Rubber fray guard
- Durable outer sleeve
- Versatile and durable
- Comfortable foam grip handles
- Three different levels (each sold separately)

- Each tube is sold separately

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