Adidas Adjustable Grip Trainer

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  • Adjustability
    10 - 40 kg
  • Dimensions
    12 (L) x 2.3 (W) x 15 (H) cm
  • Product Weight
  • Warranty for Home
    1 month against manufacturing defects (excludes coating & rust). Wear & tear exclusion.

Built to develop grip strength, the Adidas adjustable grip trainer specifically targets the forearms and hand muscles. Featuring a solid metal spring and durably molded frame, the grip trainer allows you to increase not only the strength of these muscles but also your muscular endurance, helping you to reach heavier lifts and greater reps without your grip failing you. Designed with a unique adjustable mechanism, the grip trainer can be turned from 10 - 40 kg of resistance. The tension dial helps to avoid training plateaus and allows you to continue to develop your grip strength as you progress. The adjustable grip trainer also features a rubberized handle for a stronger grip when applying maximum pressure.

- Ideal for developing forearm and grip strength
- Tension adjustment dial to tune your resistance
- Four adjustable resistance levels: 10 - 40 kg
- Builds both strength and muscular endurance
- Helps to bolster your heavier lifts and maximize lifting reps
- Solid metal spring mechanism with rubberized hand grip

- Dimensions: 12 (L) x 2.3 (W) x 15 (H) cm
- Product weight: 0.15kg

- Sold as a single piece

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