Force USA G1 All-In-One Trainer

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  • Pulley Ratio
  • Weight Stack
    Weight plate loaded
  • Compatible Fitness Apps
    Force USA app
  • Foldable Design
  • Adjustability
    21 adjustable cable positions
  • Spotter Height
    26.5 - 171cm
  • J-Hook Height
    26.5 - 171cm
  • Spotter Length
  • Mainframe
    50 x 50 mm (2" x 2") uprights
  • Sleeve Diameter
    50mm / 2in Olympic and 25mm / 1in Standard weight plates. For both weight loader and storage weight horn.
  • Storage Sleeve
    6 x weight storage horn
  • Extra Features
    4 roller design weight plates loader
  • Installation
    Not included. Please refer to the option for assembly service.
  • Dimensions
    155 (W) x 142 (D) x 223 (H) cm
  • Product Weight
  • Max Load
  • Hole Size
  • Hole Spacing
    46 adjustment points. Westside spacing (25mm) on the uprights, from bottom to top.
  • Surface Coat
    Premium commercial grade powder coating. clear coating with anti-rust protection
  • Material
    Heavy gauge structured steel tubing
  • Warranty for Home
    Strength premium: Lifetime on structural frame (excludes coating & rust), 2 years on moving frames & components (bearings, lock pins, pulleys, cables, glide rods etc), 1 year on labour. Wear & tear exclusion.

The Force USA G1 All-In-One Trainer is a space-saving solution crafted from high-tensile steel for unparalleled durability. This versatile machine combines a Multi-functional Trainer, Power Rack, and Cable Pulley System, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment. The G1 grows with you, allowing for the addition of attachments and exercises as your fitness journey progresses.

Packed with features, the G1 boasts a 2:1 ratio Cable Pulley System supporting up to 160kg of loaded weight plates, offering 21 adjustable cable positions. This set up is complemented by the 4 roller design weight loader to ensure smooth pulling motion during cable exercises. Commercial-quality cable attachments, a Long Straight Bar, Short Straight Bar, Nylon Handles, and Tricep Rope are included to enhance your training variety. The precision positioning with Westside (25mm) spacing on the uprights with 46 adjustment points gives variety for Squat and Bench Press exercises. 

Enjoy the versatility of a 32mm multi-grip knurled Chin Up Bar with 5 positions and a weight rating of 350kg. Bonus accessories such as the Landmine Core Trainer, Bar Row Handle, and Suspension Trainer Anchor expand your exercise options. Effortlessly store your weight plates (compatible for both 50mm and 25mm) with 6 built-in Weight Plate Storage Holders, 4 Attachment Storage Hooks, and 1 Standard/1 Olympic Size Barbell Holder, keeping your gym space tidy and plates easily accessible. Transform your workouts with the Force USA G1—your all-in-one solution for comprehensive home training.

- 1 x Tricep Rope
- 2 x Single Handles
- 1 x Long Straight Bar
- 1 x Short Straight Bar
- 1 x Landmine & T-bar
- 4 Pairs of Spring Collars
- 4 x Resistance Band Pegs
- 1 Pair of J-hooks & Safety Spotters

Product Features

Product Overview.jpg__PID:b620d208-0957-423d-a05a-c79490ed3f85


Seamlessly navigate your workouts with Force USA's seasoned strength coaches. Explore tailored 4, 8, or 12-week programs, or dive into focused workouts and instructional videos. Select your preferences for daily routines.

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5-In-1 Strength
Training System

With the G1, target every major muscle group, from shoulders to legs, elevating squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and leg presses. Seamlessly transition between powerlifting, cable workouts, suspension training, and chin-ups/pull-ups within its sturdy, space-saving power rack foundation.

Product Overview (1).jpg__PID:046c7f29-5180-47cc-ab27-a500975a1b01

16 Attachments

The G1 comes equipped with a Foot Plate, Tricep Rope, Single Handles, Seated Row Bar, Lat Pulldown Bar, Long and Short Straight Bars, Landmine & T-bar, Spring Collars, Resistance Band Pegs, J-hooks & Safety Spotters, and an Adjustable Seat with Leg Holder.

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2:1 Cable
Pulley Ratios

With a 2:1 cable ratio, the dual weight stacks offer explosive workouts and extensive cable reach. High Tensile Aircraft Grade Cables with a 907kg weight rating enable diverse full-body exercises. Commercial sliders and pop-pin adjustments making your cable work smooth and effortless.

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Weight Plates &
Barbell Storage

Effortlessly store weight plates with the G1's 6 in-built Weight Plate Storage Holders (Standard/Olympic), 4 Attachment Storage Hooks, and 1 Standard/1 Olympic Size Barbell Holder, keeping plates off the floor for easy racking/unracking.

Product Overview (3).jpg__PID:5180d7cc-6b27-4500-975a-1b013cd0e18e

Upgrades Kit
(Sold Separately)

The G1 Upgrade Kit includes a Lat Seat, Lat Bar for Lat Pulldowns, a Low Row Foot Plate, and Close Grip Triangle. The G20 Upgrade Kit enhances further with Jammer Arms, Leg Extension/Curl Attachment, and Dip Bars.

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