Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer

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  • Sleeve Diameter
    50mm / 2in
  • Dimensions
    183 (W) x 160 (D) x 231 (H) cm
  • Product Weight
  • Max Load
    Smith bar: 350kg / J-hooks & spotter arms: 450kg
  • Warranty for Home
    Strength premium: Lifetime on structural frame (excludes coating & rust), 2 years on moving frames & components (bearings, lock pins, pulleys, cables, glide rods etc), 1 year on labour. Wear & tear exclusion.

Meet the Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer — the original pin and plate loaded All-In-One Trainer. Experience a variety of workout options normally found in an entire commercial gym in the footprint of a single power rack in your home. The pin-loaded weight stack is connected to the functional trainer and cable crossover station found at the front of the machine. Pin loading offers a quick, easy, and safe solution to selecting different weight levels in seconds. Weight plates (sold separately) are used on both the power rack and smith machine stations that can easily be loaded from either side of the weight plate holders located on the rear of the structure. Perform full-body training or break up your training days to focus on upper body or lower body training. Easily switch from split training, circuit training, WOD variations, supersets to endurance training in seconds! The G6 All-In-One Trainer even includes built-in storage for an Olympic and Standard barbell, weight plates, and cable attachments so you can also keep your training space tidy, organized, and free of any trip hazards.

Perform squats, bench presses, overhead presses, deadlifts, and more. The Power Rack base includes commercial-grade J-Hooks and Safeties which can be adjusted to virtually any height position you need. Removable rubber barbell protector sleeves protect your barbell knurling and extend the life of your barbell. Constructed of heavy-duty gauged rolled steel tubing that is powder coated and then clear coated for added durability and longevity.

The Functional Trainer and cable crossover allow you to perform over 75 different exercises. Includes 8 functional trainer attachments and 2 x 220lb integrated weight stacks located at the back of the unit for the ultimate strength training workout. Features adjustable height positions to perform shoulder, arms, chest, back, core, and leg exercises. Fluid cable movement via commercial grade pulleys and 6.2mm nylon coated mil-spec aircraft quality cables that are tested to 2,000lb. Included band pegs assist with resistance or assistance so you can take your workouts to the next level. Comes with Tri-X-Expansion ports below the weight stack for option resistance band attachment.

The Smith Machine station is rated up to 772lb and includes a fixed barbel for use with Olympic weight plates. Commercial grade guide rails provide ultra-smooth and natural movement. Re-rack your Smith Bar with ease into any height position you need. Fitted with safe lock and release mechanisms and a safety catch allowing you to max out your training without the need for a spotter.

The Force USA G6 Leg Press attachment converts the Smith Machine into a vertical leg press that helps you target your quadriceps while also placing emphasis on the inner thigh muscles or glutes; depending on your foot position. The leg press attachment comes with convenient handles for attaching and removing and a slip-prevention checker plate for added grip.

Ergonomically designed Multi-Grip Chin Up and Pull Up station with a massive 772lb weight rating. Knurled grip positions include wide-grip, close grip, underhand, overhand, and a variety of other varied movements.

Different grip positions target different upper body muscle groups. The Multi-Grip Dip Handle attachments provide different options for you to choose from. Adjustable height on the power rack gives added flexibility to using weight belts or resistance bands to augment your workout.

Includes an attached landmine station that is suited for all types of rotational torso training and allows for a wide range of upper body training when using an optional barbell (Sold separately).

Suspension trainer ring that is compatible with packages sold separately from Force USA, TRX®, and many others. Great for assistance or resistance!

The vertical leg press attachment also transforms into a low row station footpad that combines with either side of the cable pulley system and delivers a full-body workout.

- 9-in-1 strength training system
- 2 x 100kg weight stack 
- 2:1 cable pulley ratio
- Tri-X-Expansion ports below the weight stack
- Commercial-grade guide rails for smooth & natural movement of the Smith bar
- Weight plates & barbell storage included
- Packed with attachments

- Dimensions: 183 (W) x 160 (D) x 231 (H) cm
- Product weight: 495kg
- Max load (Smith bar): 350kg
- Max load (J-hooks & spotter arms): 450kg
- Compatible with Olympic-sized weight plates (50mm/2in)

- 2 x 220 lb Weight Stacks
- Multi-grip Chin-up Bar
- Exercise Chart
- Suspension Training Ring
- J-Hooks
- Safety Spotter Arms
- Land Mine
- Functional Training Bar
- Lat Pull-down Bar
- Short Bar
- Seat Row Bar
- Sport Handle
- V-bar
- Metal Single Handles
- Pull-down Rope
- Abdominal Belt
- Multi-grip Dip Handles
- Leg Press + Low Row Foot Plate
- Pull-down Knee Holder
- Barbell Storage
- Attachment Storage
- 2 x Olympic Lock Collars
- 4 x Band Pegs
- 6 x Weight Plate Holders
- 6 x Olympic Spring Clips
- 2 x Extension Chains
- 4 x Spring Snap Clips

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