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Chin up Bars from Gymsportz


Chin-up or pull up bars are ubiquitous playground staples. They are also a common sight in gyms and workout places, ideal for building strength and adding definition and tone to your arms, shoulders, and back. There are many types of pull-up and chin-up bars that you can purchase for your home gym. Here at Gym Sportz, we carry removable doorway bars, wall mounted bars, telescopic bars, and power towers to give you plenty of choices of equipment that will best fit your workout needs and your home or commercial gym space.


Door frame pull up bars are leverage bars that go over the top portion of the door frame to support your weight. A horizontal bar with handles pushes against the wall to help the equipment stay in place. This assembly is simple and will take you less than 15 minutes to mount and dismount.


Telescopic door frame pull up bars are designed to twist to extent so they can be wedged between the uprights of the door frame. These chin-up bars stay in place with friction or using cups to support either end of the bar. No assembly is required with telescopic bars, as they come in a single piece, unless you decide to go for ones with mounting cups.


Alternately, you can go for wall-mounted pull-up bars, which can be mounted directly to a brick wall or a plaster board. There are also ceiling-mounted varieties as well as free-standing bars and towers, such as those that can also be used for other exercises like weight lifting, push-ups, dips, sit-ups, and more.