640LEC Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine

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  • Dimensions
    133 (L) x 69.5 (W) x 120 (H) cm
  • Product Weight
  • Max User Weight
  • Warranty for Home
    Strength standard: Lifetime on structural frame (excludes coating & rust), 1 year on moving frames & components (bearings, lock pins, pulleys, cables, glide rods etc), 1 year on labour. Wear & tear exclusion.
Key features
  • Ideal for leg extension and leg curl exercise
  • 5-Position adjutable back pad, 3 upright positions and 2 decline positions for traditional leg curls
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable foam rollers for a proper fit
  • Rubber comfort grip handle for support and stability


A fit and healthy body needs a balanced exercise routine. You need to pay equal attention to both upper and lower body workouts, and that is why they say never skip a leg day. Speaking of leg day, leg curls and leg extension exercises work a great deal. Both leg curl and extension are a superset of the resistance exercises and often get performed together to get the best results!

Different machines support leg curl and extension workouts, providing enough strength to the leg muscles. One such leg and the back machine is the 640LEC Pivot Leg Extension and Leg Curl Machine, which is reliable and super effective in training leg muscles.


Key features

  • The equipment is highly adjustable. Every user can adjust it as per their need.
  • The rubber handle offers a comfortable and sturdy grip, improving the posture while performing the leg exercises.
  • It is ideal for performing leg curls and extensions.
  • The base of the equipment is super sturdy and doesn’t wiggle even when it accommodates heavyweight.
  • You can make multiple position adjustments in different angles to perform the traditional leg curls in the best possible manner.
  • The foam seat is comfortable enough to let you perform the lying-down curls without any difficulty.

In a nutshell, the 640LEC Pivot Leg Extension and Leg Curl Machine is everything you need for a productive and highly yielding leg exercising routine!


Benefits of using the leg and back machines

  • It strengthens the gluteal muscles and helps give optimum muscles mass around your upper thighs and hip area.
  • It helps strengthen your quadriceps by engaging these muscles during the lifting phase. Regular use will show visible changes in leg movement.
  • If you are into cycling or find it difficult to perform daily activities involving leg movements, a workout on the leg and back machines will give visible results.

There are countless other benefits of using the 640LEC Pivot Leg Extension and Leg Curl Machine. If you are also planning to make it a part of your home gym, place your order right away!


**Kindly note that the attached video below is only for illustration and education purposes. The machine in this video is not exactly the same as the original product.


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