Bullz Sandbag

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  • Extra Features
    Includes two sand filler bags (20kg max load per bag)
  • Dimensions
    70 (L) x 26 (D) cm
  • Product Weight
    4kg (unfilled)
  • Material
    Double stitching for extra durability
  • Warranty for Home

Sandbags are renowned for their versatility and the multitude of training techniques they facilitate, offering a wide array of benefits to fitness enthusiasts. Whether employed for static holds or dynamic movements, sandbag training significantly enhances stability, bolsters grip strength, and fortifies the body's various planes of motion. Our Bullz sandbag is meticulously crafted with the user's training needs in mind, featuring multiple handles strategically positioned to accommodate different grip variations, thus enabling a diverse range of training movements. This design ensures that users can target various muscle groups effectively while enjoying enhanced comfort and control during workouts.

Durability is paramount which is why the Bullz sandbag boasts double stitching for exceptional strength and resilience, ensuring it withstands the rigors of intense training sessions. The inclusion of thick Velcro straps further reinforces its robust construction, providing added security and stability during use. Crafted from heavy-duty materials, our sandbag is built to withstand the toughest workouts, making it a reliable companion for athletes of all levels. Each Bullz sandbag comes with two sand filler bags, with each bag capable of accommodating a maximum load of 20kg, offering ample resistance to suit individual training needs and preferences.

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