Force USA G20 Upgrade kit

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  • Sleeve Diameter
    50mm / 2in
  • Extra Features
    Compatible with Force USA G1 (versions with west side hole spacing)
  • Product Weight
  • Max Load
    Leg extension: 90.5kg (200lbs), Dips : 90.5kg (200lbs) each handle, Jammer Arms: 90.5kg (200lbs) each arm
  • Loadable Sleeve
    1 x 18cm sleeve on each jammer arm, 1 x 18cm sleeve on leg curl/extension
  • Surface Coat
    Commercial grade powder coating, clear coating with anti-rust protection
  • Material
    Heavy gauge structured steel tubing
  • Warranty for Home
    Strength premium: Lifetime on structural frame (excludes coating & rust), 2 years on moving frames & components (bearings, lock pins, pulleys, cables, glide rods etc), 1 year on labour. Wear & tear exclusion.

The Force USA G20 Upgrade Kit is designed to enhance your strength training routine by adding versatility and variety to your workouts. This upgrade kit includes two Jammer Arms, a Leg Extension / Leg Curl Attachment, and Dip Bars. The Jammer Arms can be attached to the uprights for exercises such as Bench Press, Shoulder Press, and explosive movements, and they feature a high-grade black powder coating. The Leg Extension / Leg Curl Attachment is made with durable high-density sweat-resistant foam, helping you isolate the quads, glutes, and hips. The Dip Bars, which attach to the front of the unit, are ideal for building strength in your chest, shoulders, and triceps, and are also finished with a high-grade black powder coating. By incorporating the Force USA G20 Upgrade Kit into your setup, you can significantly expand your exercise options, target multiple muscle groups more effectively, and achieve greater strength gains.

Force USA G20 Upgrade kit includes:
● Jammer Arms (1 pair)
● Dip Bars (1 pair)
● 1 x Leg extension/curl Attachment
● Compatible with Force USA G1 All-In-One Trainer


The jammer arms require Westside hole spacing (25mm) for proper attachment. They are fully compatible with G20 Pro model. However, on the original G20 model, the jammer arms can only attach to the uprights at a maximum height of 130cm. The uprights on the original G20 lack Westside hole spacing throughout their entire height, which is necessary for attaching the jammer arms. For proper attachment of the jammer arms, Westside hole spacing must be available on the uprights.

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