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If you wish to take your fitness regime seriously but hate visiting the daunting gyms, setting up a home gym is an ideal choice. Unlike the belief, it doesn’t always cost you a fortune to do a small setup at home, using which you can stay put with your fitness goals. All you need is a little bit of planning in choosing the home gym equipment in Singapore.



The first thing you need to do is to set fitness goals for yourself and figure out different ways to achieve them. You can talk to your trainer, discuss your idea of fitness with him and learn how you can achieve it by working out at your home gym. The next step is to choose the home gym equipment in Singapore:



Essential gym equipment you should buy


We are here to help you purchase the right equipment for your home gym. Check the list below before you start investing.



Exercise mat


You require an exercise mat for a lot of purposes in your home gym. To protect the floor from damage if a heavy weight drops off your hands. Furthermore, to provide a sturdy base to your body while performing stretching and other floor exercises.





These are easy to use, affordable gym accessories that you should definitely consider buying. You can do various cardio exercises with them and do weight training with the right kind of dumbbells.



Resistance bands


A resistance band is one piece of home gym equipment in Singapore that is a gym in itself. These versatile bands don’t take any space at all, and you can do resistance training, stretching, cardio, and almost all sorts of workouts with them.



Exercise bike


Want to put your legs to work? Get the best exercise bike. Take a basic spin bike or an assault air bike, keeping in mind your budget and your lower body workouts get sorted.



These are the things that you should invest in right from the beginning. These will ensure that you can perform the full-body workout exercises and keep up with your workout routine from your home. Furthermore, if your budget allows, you can carry on a splurge on more feature-rich equipment for your home gym!