Selling gym equipment and actually being fit ourselves are very different things. Yet more often than not, we receive comments about not being bodybuilders ourselves and it puts a smile on our faces because… we really do not have the time! However, we want to make the time to take care of ourselves too which is why we have recently embarked on this 30 day challenge where we take 14 minutes out of each day to work out on the Bowflex Max Trainer!

We’re sure by now, you have seen various Instagram stories where we share our 14 minute workout in time-lapse motion. It takes discipline to allot those 14 minutes to our body every day, but we’re happy to share that we’ve been at it for the past 2 weeks, without compromising on the business side of things. Achievement unlocked! 

Honestly, between running during the day and transforming into family men at night, we simply have to make every minute count. With the Bowflex Max Trainer, it makes even the shortest workouts count. It combines the full-body, low-impact motion of an elliptical with the calorie-burning power of stepper to help you torch those calories and the best part about it, it does not take up much space in our homes!

With 16 levels of resistance that can be adjusted on the go, the Max Trainer can be everything you need to help you get rid of those stubborn fats, and reveal the abs that have stayed hidden for the longest time. 

We would like to invite you to witness our journey on Instagram ( or better yet, join us on this 30 day challenge! Simply tag us at on instagram and include #GS30daychallenge so we can watch you transform too, and even repost your workout on our stories! Let’s all get fitter and stronger together! 


In other news, we have just restocked the Bowflex Selecttech 552i dumbbells after waiting for 4 months! We’re the first country in Asia to get restocked, how amazing is that! We’ve already begun sending out the dumbbells to those who have preordered with us! 

Did you know that is the only exclusive distributor for Bowflex in Singapore so please beware of replicas with inferior quality and unauthorized/fake warranty. 

Stay fit and healthy always!

Gymsportz Team