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 A lot of people wonder how much does a gym quality treadmill cost when they are trying to figure out whether upgrading their home gym setup or getting a new, professional treadmill is worth the cost.

Anyone who’s been to the gym and let out a sigh when they see that all the treadmills are occupied has wished for a gym quality treadmill to use in their home. The reality is that a gym quality treadmill comes with a cost, but it may be worth it if you’re a frequent walker, jogger, or runner.

A gym quality treadmill is unlikely to be worth the cost to someone who only wants a treadmill to walk inside occasionally on hot, cold, or rainy days. On the other hand, anyone serious about losing weight, building endurance, and upping their running abilities can benefit from having a gym quality treadmill to use in the comfort of their home, small gym, or exercise facility.

Treadmills can be very cheap or very expensive, but a good quality treadmill can last decades if treated with care. Most high-quality home treadmills cost at least $1,000, although semi-commercial and commercial gym quality treadmills can cost several thousand more due to their extensive features and build-quality.

Discover how much a gym quality treadmill costs and decide whether it's worth it to upgrade your treadmill or buy a treadmill with advanced features for your cardio workouts.

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Treadmill Quality

While it is possible to purchase a treadmill for only a few hundred dollars, a high-quality treadmill that will hold up to use and abuse is an investment. Most name-brand treadmills cost several thousand dollars, and for good reason.

The quality of design, durability of parts, warranty, setup, and features all make professional treadmills pieces of exercise equipment that can help you work out, walk, run, and train for decades. Most low-cost treadmills are lightweight and only meant to be used for light walking or jogging. They also tend to wear out after only a couple of years.

Gym quality treadmills are typically used by dozens of people every day and stand up to wear and tear for years at a time before needing to be serviced or replaced. When it comes to buying a treadmill for long-term use, it’s worth investing in a quality product that will last a long time and serve your needs.

As a rough guideline, budget treadmills (meaning those with 55” tracks, relatively weak motors, and top speeds of 10 mph that are meant for walking or jogging) have a price point of around $500-$1,000.

Mid-range treadmills tend to have higher weight capacities and offer better workout variety such as motorized inclines, heart rate monitors, and 55” or 58” tread belts, though some have the 60” belts that are needed by taller trainees and runners. Mid-range home treadmills to light-gym use treadmills tend to cost between $1,000 to $2,500.

Finally, gym quality treadmills are usually priced at $2,500 and up. Gym quality treadmills are distinguished by their superior build quality and advanced features.  They tend to have powerful motors, long 60” tracks, and excellent shock absorption, and can operate at speeds of 12mph and above.


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Home Use Treadmill Prices

For a decent quality home treadmill, you should expect to pay around $1,000-$1,500, with pricing going into several thousands of dollars for name-brand treadmills, advanced features, and extended warranties or better-quality materials. While there are some treadmills for home and personal use that are of incredible quality, there is a difference between home use treadmills and gym quality treadmills.

Home use treadmills are typically smaller and often lighter weight when compared to gym quality treadmills, especially those used as under desk treadmills or foldable treadmills meant for walking.

When buying a home use treadmill, cost and one or two features are typically the largest concerns. On the other hand, when shopping for a gym quality treadmill, the features, technology, and brand are usually much higher concerns and cost is expected to trend with quality.

A good example of high-quality home treadmills that we sell at Gymsportz are the Reebok A6.0 Treadmill (with Bluetooth) which is currently priced at $1,899, and the Schwinn 510T Treadmill which is currently priced at $1,799. Both treadmills are affordable home treadmills that fold up and can be stashed out of the way. They have excellent features but are not quite the gym quality treadmill that many users prefer for more vigorous runs or for advanced features.


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Gym Quality Treadmill Prices

There are a variety of benefits of purchasing a gym quality treadmill, including generally superior build quality, parts, features, and longer warranty.

With all those benefits, however, comes added expense. A gym quality treadmill isn’t cheap to buy, because the build quality of the piece of equipment isn’t cheap to make.

For a gym quality treadmill, you should expect to pay a minimum of between $2,000–$2,500 with an increased price for additional features and treadmills made by reputable brands such as Reebok, Schwinn, Adidas, Nautilus, and Bodytone. According to Consumer Reports, a top-rated treadmill can cost $4,000 or more.

Gym quality treadmills have better warranties for the most-used parts in a treadmill, making them easy to service and repair. Additionally, they usually have features that serious runners desire such as ways to better track and adjust running sessions, as well as built in coaching, entertainment, tracking, and more.

A good example of gym quality treadmills that well sell at Gymsportz are the Reebok SL8.0 Semi-Commercial Treadmill (AC), which is currently priced at $3,299, and the Nautilus T628 Light Commercial Treadmill which is currently priced at $2,699. Both treadmills are considered semi-commercial and can often be seen in gyms. They have a plethora of advanced features that make them just as at home in a professional gym as they would be in a serious runner’s home.

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Gym Quality Treadmill Features

The question of how much does a gym quality treadmill cost really comes down to the features a treadmill has and the value of those features. Think about the features that you enjoy using a treadmill. Do you like to listen to music or watch movies or TV while running? You might prefer a treadmill that had Bluetooth or an entertainment screen.

Are you focused on building up a certain part of your stamina, endurance, or muscle groups? If so, you might want a treadmill with a range of inclines, preset programs, or tracking features to measure your progress.

Do you plan to use a treadmill daily or with high intensity? If you plan to run every day or for long periods of time, it may be best to invest in gym quality treadmill that has an extended warranty. And can stand up to frequent use.

Are you concerned about tracking your heart rate or having quick stop functions for health or emergencies? Safety features such as a heart rate monitor or a quick stop button are common features of gym quality treadmills and could be essential to your treadmill decision.

Are you worried about pressure on your knees, joints, or ligaments? People with bad knees, osteoporosis, or who have had prior leg injuries may need a softer treadmill running belt or a treadmill with more cushioning such as those found in gym quality treadmills.

A treadmill’s incline ability, preset programs, and built-in technology such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with tablets and streaming to devices should all factor into your decision to purchase a gym quality treadmill.


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Buy a Gym Quality Treadmill

The question of how much does a gym quality treadmill cost depends on the build quality, brand, and features, but most people can expect to spend a couple thousand dollars.

If you are looking for a gym quality treadmill for your home workouts, small training facility, or small gym, consider purchasing a treadmill from Gymsportz. We sell some of the best gym quality treadmills on the market, at prices that consumers can afford. We work with brands to ensure that our customers can have cardio machines in their homes, regardless of the size of their budget.

When determining which gym quality treadmill to buy, price should be a factor, but it should not be the only factor. Several of our gym quality treadmill machines start at under $2,500, making them affordable for those with a limited budget for home fitness equipment.

Additionally, several of our home treadmills start at under $1,000 for those with small budgets that want the convenience of having a treadmill in their home.

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