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Whether you like to go for runs inside when the weather is bad or just appreciate running in the privacy of your own home, having an indoor treadmill to utilize can be incredibly beneficial to achieving your fitness goals. Despite how simple they are to use, treadmills are not one size fits all.  

Like most other fitness equipment, choosing a treadmill depends on the way you intend to use the equipment, which features are most important to you, and the price point that you are willing to pay. Discover how to choose a treadmill that’s best for your needs, whether you’re a beginner runner or an experienced pro. 

Gymsportz offers a variety of treadmills from top fitness brands to help customers stay healthy and fit from the comfort of their own homes. Browse our available treadmills and read on to learn about our best treadmill picks for each type of runner or walker. 

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Choosing The Right Treadmill Matters 

Walking, running, and cardio exercise are not only physically stimulating, they are also mentally stimulating and can help you get in shape to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

According to Harvard Health, walking is considered one of the best ways to lose weight, lower the risk of heart disease, and lead a longer life. An indoor treadmill offers many benefits for staying in shape, avoiding walking or running at night or in crowded areas, and avoiding bad weather. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people found themselves isolated inside to avoid the chance of catching the virus. An indoor treadmill offered a convenient and safe workout without needing to go to crowded parks, gyms, or running paths.  

Since then, many people have experienced the benefits of having a home treadmill, and many others have gained an interest in purchasing a treadmill for their home cardio workouts. A treadmill that doesn’t for you needs is a treadmill that you are unlikely to use, so choosing the right treadmill matters. 

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Decide Which Features Matter Most 

Choosing a treadmill that’s best for your needs depends on how you plan to use the machine. Will you use it for walking, running, at an incline, for the built-in programs, or for training for races? Some devices feature dozens of programs to help runners train and build endurance, while others are casual machines for maintaining cardio fitness.  

How frequently will you use the treadmill? If you plan to run every day or for long periods of time, it may be best to invest in a longer duration piece of equipment that has an extended warranty. 

Do you have any health concerns? Those with bad knees may need a softer treadmill running belt or a treadmill with more cushioning. Likewise, if you need to stop running quickly or are worried about injuries, safety features such as a heart rate monitor or a quick stop button could be essential to your treadmill decision. 

Finally, there are the items that make using a treadmill fun and convenient when compared to running outside. Think about the features that you enjoy when figuring out how to choose a treadmill that’s best for your needs. A treadmill’s incline ability, preset programs, and built-in technology such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with tablets and streaming to devices should all factor into your decision to buy one treadmill over another. 


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Factor In Treadmill Prices 

Treadmills can be very cheap or very expensive, but a good quality treadmill can last decades if treated with care. Most high-quality treadmills cost at least $500-$1,000, although semi-commercial and commercial quality treadmills can cost several thousand more due to their extensive features and build-quality. 

Gymsportz sells some of the best quality treadmills on the market, at prices that consumers can afford. We work with brands to ensure that our customers can have cardio machines in their homes, whether they have a small or large budget. When determining how to choose a treadmill that’s best for your needs, price should be a factor but not the only factor. 

Several of our treadmill machines start at under $1,000, making them affordable for those just getting into running or those with a limited budget for home fitness equipment. In fact, you can save up to 50% on our best-selling treadmill brands when you purchase them online through our website serving customers in Singapore. 


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Best In Class: Bodytone EVOT2+ Commercial Treadmill 

For the best of the best, get the Bodytone EVO2+ Treadmill for your home cardio workouts. The Bodytone EVOT2+ is the latest designed commercial treadmill tested by professional athletes. Its 60cm wide running surface helps you to work on your run, regardless of the intensity and duration of your training.  

The Bodytone EVOT2+ Treadmill connects to Polar heart rate recording devices, and measures speed, distance, time, calories, heart rate, watts, RPM, and incline. With 15 levels of automated controlled incline, 5 pre-set and 3 target mode programs, 1-20 KPH adjustable speeds, and a lifetime structural warranty, this treadmill has it all and is built to last. 

The maximum rated weight for the user is 200kg, and installation is included with purchase. With plenty of storage space, a 7HP (AC) motor, and a large, sturdy running area, this may just be the only home treadmill you ever need. If you’re unsure of how to choose a treadmill that’s best for your needs and you want the best machine out there, this is the right treadmill to purchase. 

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Best Space Saving: YPOO Mini Pro TFT Treadmill 

If saving space is your primary goal in buying a treadmill, then the YPOO Mini Pro TFT Treadmill is the best option for you. It is a space-saving treadmill which can fold up entirely by stepping on two buttons and pushing the handlebar down.  

This treadmill offers sleek, minimalist controls and an eye-pleasing design to fit any space. The Mini Pro can also be used as a walking deck where the speed can be controlled to fit your desired walking speed (1-15 km/h).  

The treadmill measures speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse. Its maximum weight for usage is 100kg. It has a two-year frame warranty and a one-year warranty on motors, running deck, electronics, belt, parts & labour. 


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Best For Cardio: Reebok SL 8.0 Semi-Commercial Treadmill 

For those looking to train cardio and focus on getting better at running time and endurance at home, Reebok's SL 8.0 Semi-Commercial Treadmill is the perfect choice. This treadmill was designed for more advanced and dynamic cardio workouts.  

It measures pace, offers road and mountain running programs, and tracks fat burn. The advanced control system provides RealView Sport - delivering three scenic routes for you to run virtually to freshen up your home cardio.  

The Reebok SL 8.0 Semi-Commercial Treadmill is built to incorporate SubLite Cushioning Technology and a unique orthopedic running belt; the treadmill absorbs the impact you experience with every stride. The built-in mechanisms help reduce the toll on your knees and ankles by producing a smoother running experience. 


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Best For Beginners: Reebok A2.0 Treadmill 

Every runner must start somewhere, and this is the ideal treadmill for individuals who are serious about completing cardio workouts, training for runs, and making a home treadmill a part of their fitness routine. The Reebok A2.0 Treadmill delivers a host of impressive functionality within a compact footprint. 

The Reebok A2.0 Treadmill has Astroride Cushioning Technology which provides a smoother and more forgiving running platform by absorbing some of the force from running and reducing the impact of each stride. This treadmill helps reduce the stress placed on your knees and ankles while you train, making it a great option for new runners, those with knee, leg, or ankle pain, or anyone who wants a smooth and comfortable run. 

 Equipped with a quiet and durable 1.5 HP motor, the A2.0 hits speeds of up to 13 kph with two levels of manual incline, the treadmill gives users the option to ramp up the intensity of their workouts. The onboard console features direct speed shortcuts alongside 32 pre-set motivational workouts that are at your disposal straight from setup. 


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Best In Comfort & Connection: Adidas T19X Treadmill 

If you like to follow along to videos, listen to music to get motivated, or watch movies or shows while you focus on your cardio workout, the Adidas T19X Treadmill is the right choice for you. 

The adidas T-19x treadmill redefines the home running experience with its powerful 4.0 Hp motor delivering a top speed of 20 kph (12.4 mph) across 15 levels of power incline. The NRG cushioning technology built into the treadmill deck is further enhanced by an orthopedic running belt to provide a cushioned impact zone, helping reduce strain on sensitive joints. 

To help keep you running, the T-19x comes with all the latest entertainment apps including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Chrome. Simply connect the treadmill to your home network to listen to your favorite music tracks through the built-in speaker system or watch the latest movies and TV shows while you exercise. You can also dock your own tablet or smartphone to the T-19x using the adjustable device holder for a more personalized workout.