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Weight & Gym Benches in Singapore offers the widest range of home gym/commercial graded fitness benches in Singapore. Most workout benches can be altered to fit a desired position. You will need to decide if you if you’re looking for a simple adjustable fitness bench or a weight bench. Each bench is designed for a distinct purpose and make of top quality material that will never fail your workout needs and leaving you satisfied with the results. A weight bench is made durable and sturdy to withstand heavy loads, while a adjustable bench is made to be lightweight and user friendly with an adjustable back for effective sit-ups.


Shop from a wide range of workout and weight benches here at Gym Sportz. Our extensive selection of weight training benches include some of the most highly recommended and sought after brands and designs/models to help you maximize the benefits of your training. We offer adjustable fitness benches that can be altered support the body in your desired workout position as well as weight benches, designed to withstand heavy loads.


Workout benches are among the most important pieces of equipment in any gym. Find the right weightlifting bench and you can maximize your at-home training. When selecting a workout bench, always go for the type that has a sturdy, solid feel. Flat benches are ideal for free weight training while adjustable circuit training benches are built to help you train in various lifting positions.


Flat benches are also ideal for dumbbell training. Paired with the right bench press rack, you can create the perfect training set-up for weight lifting and muscle building. However, if you want additional workout options, choose one that adjusts and can be inclined to a desired position.


Weight benches are perfect for sculpting and toning the body. They can also be used for a variety of other purposes, especially when choosing circuit training benches that allow users to switch from unilateral to bilateral, and multi-directional resistance movements. Other features you might want to look for include a plush foam padding for comfort while lifting, a heavy-duty frame with a solid steel gauge for security, rubber base caps to protect your floors and increase stability, and pull-pins that allow you to customize your workout.