Agility Cone (10 Pc)

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Cones are commonly used to provide direction during agility drills. They enhance change of direction, coordination, and body awareness. Cone drills can be used as part of a dynamic warm-up routine or they can even serve as a workout by themselves. Our cones are lightweight, flexible, and durable. If you are looking to develop your speed and agility, cone drills are the perfect way to do so!

- Lightweight, flexible, & durable
- Comes in a set of 10 cones (2 of each color)
- Comes with a carrier bag

- Base diameter: 19.5cm
- Height: 5cm
- Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue

  • Extra Features
    Carrier bag included
  • Dimensions
    19.5 (based diameter) x 5 (height) cm
  • Warranty for Home

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