Bullz Clubbell

WEIGHT: 4KG ($39.00)
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  • Grip Diameter
  • Dimensions
    4 / 6 / 8 kg : 41.4 / 45.3 / 49.2 (L) cm
  • Warranty for Home
    1 year against structural breakage (excludes coating & rust). Wear & tear exclusion.
The Bullz Clubbell is a gateway to a world of diverse training possibilities. Its versatility enables you to incorporate swinging and rotating motions into your workout routine, providing a comprehensive upper body workout. This piece of fitness equipment is particularly beneficial in building forearm and supporting muscle strength.

During training, the constant change in direction challenges your body to maintain control over the weighted club, promoting good posture and core stability. Moreover, the varying grip diameters allow for improvement in grip strength, adding an additional layer of benefits to your workout.

- Single cast
- Black powder coated
- Industrial-grade steel construction

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