Bullz Deadlift Silencer Pads (In Pairs)

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  • Dimensions
    76 (L) x 60 (W) x 15 (H) cm
  • Product Weight
    10kg (each side)
  • Max Load
  • Warranty for Home

Elevate your home gym experience with Bullz Deadlift Silencer Pads, the ultimate solution for noise reduction and equipment protection. Crafted from high-density foam and durable vinyl leather, these pads effectively dampen noise and minimize vibration, allowing you to focus on your lifts without disrupting your surroundings. Whether you're lifting heavy or dropping the barbell, rest assured that our pads will absorb the impact, keeping noise levels to a minimum and maintaining a peaceful workout environment.

Not only do Bullz Deadlift Silencer Pads provide acoustic insulation, but they also offer unparalleled protection for your flooring and equipment. Say goodbye to scuffed floors and damaged weights – our pads act as a buffer, safeguarding your investment and extending the lifespan of your weight plates and barbells. With each pad weighing 10kg and boasting a thickness of 15cm, you can trust in their stability and durability throughout your training sessions.

Convenience meets performance with Bullz Deadlift Silencer Pads. Featuring an integrated handle for easy transportation, these pads can be effortlessly moved and positioned wherever you need them in your home gym. Upgrade your lifting experience today and enjoy a quieter, more efficient workout with Bullz Deadlift Silencer Pads.

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