Force USA C10 Base Bench

Assembly: Self Assembly
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  • Seat Height
  • Sleeve Diameter
    50mm / 2in
  • Transport Wheels
  • Floor Level Adjustment
  • Installation
    Not included. Please refer to the option for assembly service.
  • Dimensions
    192 (L) X 68 (W) X 47 (H) cm
  • Back Pad Angles
    7 adjustable position
  • Seat Pad Angles
    3 adjustable position
  • Product Weight
  • Max Load
  • Warranty for Home
    Strength premium: Lifetime on structural frame (excludes coating & rust), 2 years on moving frames & components (bearings, lock pins, pulleys, cables, glide rods etc), 1 year on labour. Wear & tear exclusion.
  • Warranty for Business
    Commercial Strength premium: 5 years on structural frame (excludes coating & rust), 1 years on moving frames & components (bearings, lock pins, pulleys, cables, glide rods etc), 1 year on labour. Wear & tear exclusion.

The Force USA C10 Base Bench is specifically crafted to complement the Force USA C10 All-In-One Trainer, providing a comprehensive solution for home workouts. Its standout features cater to various fitness needs and space constraints.

This bench is versatile and compatible with the weight stacks of the C10 trainer, facilitating leg curls, extensions, and preacher curls for bicep targeting. Its intuitive design enables effortless transitions between exercises, enhancing the dynamism and efficiency of your workout routine. With the inclusion of leg curl and extension attachments, this bench offers precise lower body movements. Users can connect the weight stack or add extra plates for intensified workouts, effectively sculpting the quads, hamstrings, and calves, thereby ensuring a well-rounded workout regimen.

The preacher curl attachment enables focused and effective bicep workouts. Compatible with an Olympic EZ curl bar, this feature promotes proper form and comfort during arm development exercises, further enhancing the versatility of your training sessions. Featuring Flat-Incline-Decline (FID) functionality, this bench facilitates a wide range of exercise angles. From chest presses to shoulder workouts and enhanced sit-up depth, users can explore diverse exercise options to target various muscle groups and achieve their fitness goals effectively.

The bench's vertical standing capability optimizes space utilization in your home gym. Its compact design ensures a clutter-free and organized workout environment, allowing users to enjoy a full-range gym experience even in limited spaces, making it an ideal choice for those with space constraints. In essence, the Force USA C10 Base Bench offers a comprehensive and space-efficient solution for home workouts, catering to diverse fitness needs with its versatile attachments and user-friendly design.

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