Pivot HA3742 Multi Grip Pull Up Bar Arc

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  • Dimensions
    102 (L) x 22 (W) x 9cm (H) cm
  • Product Weight
  • Max Load
  • Warranty for Home
    1 year against structural breakage (excludes coating & rust). Wear & tear exclusion.

Expand your Pivot Fitness Rack or Smith Machine with the Pivot Fitness HA-3742 Multi Grip Pull Up Bar Arc and you have more grip possibilities without losing the effect of the wide chin-up / pull-up bar. As an extra you can also use a narrow, slanted and wide grip with the multi grip for even more results for your training.

The Multi Grip Pull Up Bar Arc replaces the standard Chin-up Pull-up that comes standard with the Pivot Fitness HR3250 Heavy Duty Half Rack and the Pivot Fitness HM3310 Deluxe Smith Machine.

- Vertical narrow, wide and slanted handle
- Horizontal Pull-up bar
- Hang a Strength band on the multi grip and improve your general muscle strength and get extra help to achieve your goals.




Note: The Pivot Fitness HA-3742 Multi Grip Pull Up Bar Arc can only be mounted in combination with the Pivot Fitness HR3250, HM3310, HR3260 and HR3262.

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