Spirit SP4308 Triceps Extension

Sale price$3,999.00 Regular price$5,499.00
  • Weight Stack
    86kg / 190lb (10lb x 5pcs + 20lb x 7pcs)
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Extra Features
    Rep counter
  • Installation
  • Dimensions
    124.5 (L) x 102.0 (W) x 150.0 (H) cm
  • Product Weight
Introducing the Spirit SP4308 Triceps Extension, a game-changing solution for intense triceps workouts. Its angled arm pad restricts shoulder movement, ensuring maximum focus on the triceps. The extension bar pivots to accommodate varying forearm lengths and align with the axis of rotation, optimizing form and muscle activation. The seat adjustment feature aligns the elbows perfectly with the machine's axis of rotation, enhancing comfort and targeting the triceps effectively. Stay motivated with the integrated rep counter, while the built-in storage on the top cap keeps your essentials close at hand. Elevate your triceps training with the SP4308 Triceps Extension Machine and achieve sculpted and powerful arms like never before.

- Angled arm pad helps to limit shoulder movement for focus on Triceps
- Extension bar pivots to adjust for varying forearm lengths and axis of rotation alignment
- Seat adjustment is used to align elbows with machines axis of rotation
- Integrated rep counter and built-in storage on top cap

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