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Barbell Sets at GymSportz


Your training equipment doesn't need to be too expensive to be effective. Here at Gym Sportz, we carry a good range of weight training and lifting sets and kits at the most reasonable prices, to give you the best value for your money. Our barbell sets include starter and intermediate kits for those who are at different levels of weight training. We even offer combo sets that include dumbbells to help you have the variation you need to maximise the effects of your weight training.


Selecting the right equipment for your home fitness gym is all about choosing the items you need not only at the moment but those you can use for the foreseeable future. Remember that any fitness training should be a continuous feat if you want to see the best results in the ideal time. Whether you are a beginner or a full-pledged fitness buff, the importance of the right equipment cannot be ignored. When choosing the right weights to work out with, you should look into important factors such as your fitness level, the available space you have, your budget, and your preference.


Barbells are only among the several weights that people use to built muscle and improve muscle endurance. They are long metal bars that can hold varying weights of plates or discs at either end to increase the intensity of your strength workouts. When choosing the right barbell equipment, make sure that the piece you buy has high quality weight clips and collars to make sure the plates are safely held in place each time you lift.