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Dumbbells are probably the most inexpensive exercise equipment you can find to help you build muscle and increase your strength. They are extremely versatile, allowing you create a wide variety of workouts to help you improve health. The varying weights, the number of repetitions you do, and your pace all work together to help you achieve your health goals. Dumbbells help burn calories, build muscle, increase muscular endurance, and even improve cardiovascular health, which makes them one of the most practical home gym equipment to invest in.


Here at Gym Sportz, we offer an entire range of dumbbells and dumbbell sets, all sourced from the most trusted home and commercial gym equipment manufacturers in Singapore and around the world. Choose from premium starter dumbbell sets to adjustable weights and enjoy the great benefits of dumbbell weight training in the comfort of your own home gym.


When purchasing dumbbells, remember that smaller weights—lightweight versions that are less than five pounds are best used for aerobic workouts or for combination trainings with an exercise bike or a treadmill. Heavier weights on the other hand, are the better choice for bodybuilding.


More than muscle building and improving cardio health, dumbbell trainings are also great for creating aerobic workouts to help burn calories and lose weight. They also help increase muscular endurance, especially for those who do athletic activities that need muscle exertion over long periods. Weight bearing exercises with dumbbells also help improve bone density, reducing fracture risks.