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Kettlebells are among the most popular types of free weight training equipment used by many lifters. They are solid weights that feature a round or a slightly curved body and a handle. They are made of cast iron, with a vinyl coating to make them easier to handle. Other configurations also exist, including those that incorporate removable plates for easy weight adjustment so that the total weights can vary.

Kettlebells are used for various types of beginner and advanced workouts. Trainings that use kettlebells often incorporate a range of functional movements, like lifts, presses, and swings. These movements are designed to strengthen and work muscles used in daily activities. Kettlebells are compact in size and design, which makes them ideal for use in home gyms, especially those with a limited space.

Free weight equipment like dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells are great advantages to home users. While more elaborate workout machines do offer sophisticated means to burn calories and build muscle strength, traditional free weights offer versatility, especially in the types of workouts that can be done with them. Moreover, these types of equipment are far less expensive than your typical gym equipment and they are portable, which means you won't have too big a problem carrying them from place to place.


Gym Sportz has a good selection of kettlebells and kettlebell sets you can choose from to use in your home gym. We carry regular kettlebells as well as competition-grade and adjustable kettlebells to suit your needs.