Hello everyone!

We’ll be sharing how a day looks like in Gymsportz and it goes something like this…

Our day starts as early as 4am, that’s when the first person wakes up in Gymsportz. The others wake up at about 5am and 6am. We like to start our day early, because the early bird catches the worm… unless you are the worm HAHAH!!! We have our breakfast, do our businesses (poop), then we send our kids to either their grandparents or childcare, and then make our way to work.

All of us are in the warehouse by 8am. We are either planning our delivery route, or loading the van with goods, but it's always all hands on deck and there’s no time to lose! We try to leave the warehouse and start on our deliveries before 8:30am so there’s some buffer in case traffic’s bad or we get held up at one of the locations due to unforeseen circumstances. I mean, you can never tell how a day is going to go until you’ve been through it, am I right? We are very thankful for every nice and polite customer we meet, but in the service line, it is inevitable that you will meet all kinds of people. We shrug off unpleasant encounters easily, as it’s just part of the job but we are extra grateful for those who make our day!

These days, our deliveries end close to 2pm. We rush to grab our lunches and head back to the warehouse. We do try to eat together and share about our day, and we always help each other laugh it off if someone has had a bad one. 

After lunch, we then start on setting up the equipment for delivery the next day. Sometimes, we set up more than 15 spin bikes in an afternoon! Phew! It’s non-stop action every afternoon as we attend to viewings in our showroom, while trying to reply to messages across all channels such as email, Instagram, Facebook, Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 and Carousell in between showings! Most of the time, responding to messages is done near 10pm, after we have dinner with our family, wash up and our kids fall asleep. Imagine that! 

Yet we simply love what we do, and we would do it again and again every single day! It is really because of the lovely people at Gymsportz, that makes each and every one of us look forward to heading to work! To be honest, it doesn’t even feel like work when we enjoy it this much!

Hope this closes the gap and brings us closer as we continue to grow our relationship with you!

Stay fit and healthy always!

Gymsportz Team