Spinning was founded by the body-conscious Johnny Goldberg back in the mid-80s. He was born in South Africa and subsequently moved to the United States, working as a personal trainer and taking part in a host of endurance cycle races. One night, while he was out training on his bike and almost collided with a passing car. It was then that the idea of taking cycling indoors hit him and the concept of spinning was born.

He then went on to devise a programme of classes based around a specially designed stationary bike, recreating actual road conditions. Soon after he opened his first Santa Monica studio, Johnny G had garnered a loyal following among the city’s cycle enthusiasts. In 1991, he took his classes to Hollywood and by 1994, he had patented the Spinning logo and opened Johnny G’s Spinning Headquarters in Culver City, LA.

Since then, classes have evolved to a full-on sporting experience with loud background music. Hill climbs, sprints, jumps and downhill freewheeling are simulated as instructors amp up the ambiance by getting their audience to visualize outdoor environments as well as yelling words of encouragement. 

Spinning has been proven to be popular with both genders, when usually, a lot of classes tend to be male- or female-dominated. In an age of short-lived fitness fads, spinning has proven to be remarkably durable. Every year, spin remains the most crowded class on offer, drawing die-hard devotees and occasional visitors alike. Most gyms would agree that spin is their bread-and-butter studio class as it is relatively straightforward. The approach differs from instructor to instructor, so there’s an element of variety and surprise offered to spinners at every class.

Spinning is a fantastic all-over workout. Due to the high intensity cardio workout, you burn a ton of calories quickly. From its origins as a fitness fanatic’s personal training scheme to global domination, spinning shows little sign of slowing down. 

So, have you tried it yet?

Stay fit and healthy always!

Gymsportz Team