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There are plethoras of equipment that you can find in a gym for cardio, weight training and resistance training. But when it comes to the best fitness equipment that you should definitely keep in your home gym, it has to be the dumbbells. Dumbbells are an ideal choice for those who are into weight training, or following a workout regime that focuses on toning their muscles. Its multiple benefits are the reasons why you should definitely buy a dumbbell in Singapore.



Dumbbells can help improve muscle strength and flexibility. It channelises the coordination between the joints and is versatile by nature because you can perform multiple exercises using them. Let us dig deeper and discuss about the best dumbbell in Singapore that you should definitely consider buying:



Best dumbbell types in Singapore


Vinyl Dumbbell


Vinyl dumbbells are for those who have just begun their fitness journey. These are safe to use and are not as heavy as the iron dumbbell in Singapore. Moreover, the vinyl coating will also protect your floor from any damage even the weight falls off. Start with a 2 kg vinyl dumbbell, and you can increase the weight once you get used to it.



Rubber Barbell and Dumbbell set


For fitness enthusiasts and weight lifters, it is vital to invest in a barbell and dumbbell combo. There will be weights on either side of the bar, and you can lift it from the middle. The best part is that you can use the same barbell and adjust the weight on either side as per your fitness goals.



BowflexSelecttech Dumbbells


It is old school fitness equipment, but its glory is still intact. You can simply adjust the dial to your desired weight and start with your fitness routine. You can get multiple weights and can perform varied exercise types with just one adjustment of the dial.




There are multiple other options available in the market from various brands. Other than the type of dumbbell, you also have to make the choice of weight you need. It is advisable to consult with your fitness trainer about the same. Choose an apt dumbbell type in the desired weight and watch them work their magic in your fitness routine!