The Significant Role of Rowers in the New Fitness World - Gymsportz

Fitness has become a hot topic in the current times. People are more inclined towards staying fit and are always on the hunt for machines and exercises that can help them achieve their targets. One such machine that is gaining utmost popularity is the Concept 2 rowing machine in Singapore. This rowing machine works how you row a boat and offer a full-body workout.

There are different kinds of rowing machines available in the market. Each varies from the other in specifications, price and dimensions. It is vital to understand how the rowing machine works. It thus makes it easier to choose the one that complies with your goals. Though the concept 2 rowing machine in Singapore is an ideal option, there are other machines that you can try!

Benefits of rowers in the fitness world

Before investing in a machine, learn about all the benefits, and understand if this machine is for you.


A concept 2 rowing machine in Singapore is an entire gym in itself. You can use it for lower body workouts, cardio conditioning, strength training and a lot more. Moreover, you have all the controls to design your workout routine by adjusting the resistance and other specifications.

Highly engaging

More than 85% of the muscles in your body engage during rowing exercises. Your legs, thighs, hamstring, glutes and calves get tones and gain a lot of strength. At the same time, your core muscles get stronger. Furthermore, your arms and shoulders also get toned.

Ease of use

You do not require any expertise to hop on a rowing machine and start exercising. Just watch a tutorial video to start, and you will get hold of it in no time. You may have to go through the manual to learn to use the particular model that you have. It is not something that comes across as a challenge.


The perks of a rowing machine are endless. It is fair to say that no matter what your fitness idea is, this fitness equipment can always contribute to it to a greater extent. You can invest in the Concept 2 rowing machine in Singapore or check other available options and start making the most of rowing in the modern-day fitness world!