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These balls are new-age fitness equipment, available in varied sizes for a complete exercise routine. It can help improve muscle strength and enhance the sporty performance of the user too many folds. These are the balls weighing between 2 to 20 pounds, used for multiple things. You must have seen a weight ball in many gyms, but only a few are aware of its uses.

Top 3 exercises

A weight ball has varied uses. You can perform various exercises using them, each targeting different fitness concern. Let us discuss a few of them:

Overhead squat

The overhead squat is the best way to target your core and lower back muscles. As you lift the ball weight straight up your head, it will create due pressure on your back, shoulders, forearms, and other body muscles. At the same time, squatting will work on your lower body and tone the leg muscles efficiently.

Russian twist

Hold the ball in front of you and sit comfortably with your legs and arms in front. Then, twist the weight ball on either side and move your body along with it. It is the perfect exercise to work on the flabby belly and side fat.


Lie down on your stomach and stretch your arms extended over your head. Next, hold a relatively light weight ball and peel your head, chin, chest, and legs away from the ground. This way, you can engage your core and back muscles, and the weight you lift will contribute to a perfect workout for your arms.

Other than these three, you can do side lunges, single-leg deadlift, and plenty of other exercises to improve your posture, reduce fat, tone muscles, and likewise. Many trainers also recommend using these balls to recover from different injuries. In addition, they do not cause any stress on the muscles, so they are safe to use in case of muscle soreness.


In the end, it is fair to say that a weighted ball has plenty of benefits to offer, provided you choose a premium quality ball from a reliable brand. For this, you need to do a lot of research, explore all available options, and pick the ball whose weight and size comply with your fitness goals!