In our line of work, we often get compared to other online retailers and shopping platforms, in terms of quality, design and especially price. It is completely normal because, as customers ourselves, when we shop, we tend to compare prices too and it is human nature to gravitate towards something that is priced lower. However, what if the items you are comparing are not exactly the same? It may look the same from the surface especially if you are just looking at photos of the product on your screen, it is almost impossible to tell the difference sometimes. 

What makes us the number 1 fitness brand in Singapore?

We hold the exclusive distributorship for huge brands such as Bowflex, Nautilus, Schwinn, Bodycraft (just to name a few) which are renowned worldwide! Exclusive distributorship means that only Gymsportz has the right to carry and sell these products in SIngapore, and anything else you may find on other shopping platforms, are not the original thing. 

Working with renowned brands also means we can be assured of quality control and consistency of the equipment produced. Supply is definitely consistent and spare parts are easily and readily available. These brands are also tested and used by people around the world!

We have formed a long term and direct working relationship with the brands we carry. This means, there is no middle man involved - Just Gymsportz and the brand itself. This ensures that you will definitely get the support you need in terms of;

Consistent supply

While most online retailers struggled to get stock, Gymsportz was the first in Asia to receive stock for items that were sold out for the longest time. We also hold an inventory of stock which means, you do not have to wait 4 weeks upon placing your order to receive the item and our policy is to deliver within 7 working days upon payment. 

After sales service

We have the means to do a 1-for-1 replacement due to manufacturing defects upon delivery. This rarely happens but if it does, you can be rest assured that we are more than capable of providing this service to you. We also hold an inventory of spare parts that wear out easily due to heavy usage such as cables. 

Product knowledge

Being in this industry for 11 years and counting has indeed armed us with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the variety of equipment we carry. This also means that we have more than it takes to troubleshoot issues you may face with your equipment when you send us a photo/video of the issue. If the issue persists, we personally go down and evaluate the issue on-site.

At the end of the day, before you make your decision, come on down to our showroom to touch, test and feel the difference yourself. We are sure the wide range of gym equipment we carry will surely speak for themselves! Speaking of wide range, we offer a selection of strength equipment and cardio equipment to suit your requirements and budget, as well as space efficient equipment if you do have space constraints. Meanwhile, we’ll just be standing at the sidelines, waiting to better advise you based on your needs!

Have a great weekend everyone!  

Stay fit and healthy always!

Gymsportz Team